MHK – Day 5

Phew! Just cast off the seed stitch swatch!


I’m going to look at it again in the morning to see how I feel about the cast off, before I cut the yarn. But if I am happy, I’ll be starting on the garter and 2×2 rib swatch, which hopefully will be less painful to do. I have my swatches from my previous attempt so I can have a look at that and see where my problems were before I start.

MHK – Day 1

So, ever since my first post here, I’ve had one big WIP hanging over my head: level one of the master hand knitter program. I’ve decided to finally tackle this project, starting this month. I’ve put it off for years mostly because it’s a full focus knitting project and I never put aside the time for it. Now I have one month before I start a new job, so April is going to be MHK month, and I’ll be keeping a little daily diary of my progress here.

For those of you that haven’t come across this program before, it’s a sort of correspondence course run by The Knitting Guild Association. I say sort of, because it’s not really a teaching course, more of a guided personal challenge and research project.

There are three levels, each requiring you to knit certain projects, write reports and knit swatches to demonstrate certain knitting skills. When you complete a level, you send it off to be assessed by a committee who will pass you, or (quite frequently) ask you to redo some parts of the work where you need to improve.

Sounds a bit daunting, but then so does a PhD, right?

So today is day one. I have my reference books. So many reference books. And I have my yarn and needles. Now I just need to knit some perfect seed stitch.
(In theory these little daily posts will be short and sweet, but I can already see myself waffling about some tiny nuance, so please forgive me if I start posting essays!)