A Brilliant Birthday

I had a wonderful day at Handmaid, chatting with friends, eating cake and browsing the market stall. I met so many crafty friends and acquaintances, and their children too, and put faces to the names and ravatars. I got to share the exciting ‘pleating’ moment with Úna for her ‘Folded’ jumper. I was very stash-conscious and only purchased one skein of sock yarn, and then rescued another skein later on :) I picked up two beautiful samples – a gorgeous lightweight cardigan in blue malabrigo lace and a lovely blue and green striped shawl. Both of which I’ve been wearing to work most days as they’re so warm and light. I spent a little time on the door, greeting people, and I even learned how to make loom-band bracelets! A great day out- I even enjoyed helping with cleaning up after. Unfortunately tragedy struck then when R’s handbag could not be found, with all her precious possessions inside, and hasn’t been found since. It seems it was taken :/

The day was supposed to end with dinner in my favourite Indian restaurant, but himself had never booked it! Instead he, along with my family and friends, had organised a surprise birthday party for me in my parents house! It was more of a shock than a surprise – it’s taken me this long to recover enough to blog it! I had an amazing night! I still can’t believe so many people made the effort to be there, and in secret too! Stew even flew over from Edinburgh! Even my in-laws made it over. So many friends I hadn’t seen in too long. I had so much fun. My Sister-in-Law arranged the cake – it was so cool I couldn’t cut it until everyone had a chance to take a picture! There’s actual knitted icing, with cables! And patterns and buttons and balls of yarn made out of icing. What do you think?

Socks, socks and more socks.

Socks the first.

It’s October, which means next month is November. Really, I’m as shocked by all this as you are. November marks the start of the birthday-Christmas-birthday present treadmill that will take me through to January, starting with my sister and Husband. For the past few years I’ve knit Stephen socks for his birthday, and if I’m to keep up that tradition I need to get started on that soon.

Socks the second.

I’m also trying to get a pair of socks finished that I’ve had sitting at my desk since I started this job in May. I’m into the final foot now, so hopefully I will be able to get it finished over the next few days.

Socks the third.

In case there was any danger of all this sock knitting getting dull, my lovely coblogger gave me Op-Art Socks as a birthday present! There are some nice textured socks and a few different colourwork options, so plenty of options for husband-socks. They even come in two sizes! I can’t wait to get started.