I’m smart except when I’m not

I cast on a new shawl since the last blog post. I got some lovely lambswool fingering weight in a warm reddish brown from Colourmart, which is currently being knit into a Waiting for Rain. I’ve had the pattern since This is Knit did their KAL, but never had the right yarn to hand for it.

I have to say, it’s such a pleasant pattern to knit. Huge chunks of mindless garter with flashes of lacy diversion.

Of course, me being me, I had to get myself all tangled up, metaphorically speaking, for no good reason. The shawl is broken into four sections, each with a chunk of garter followed by a lace short row section. Somehow I got it into my head that I had to knit 12 garter ridges (24 rows) at the start of the third section. So I did. Then I checked and saw that it wasn’t a 12, it was a 10. So I dutifully tinked two rows, which was long but at least uncomplicated.

Then I did a stitch count just to make sure I was now in the right place. I was supposed to have 330 stitches. I had 360. One or two stitches out, fine. It’s the kind of pattern where these things can be fudged, but 30?

I checked for errata.

No errata.

I checked for comments, forum posts, helpful project notes on Ravelry.


2700 projects, and I was the only person to notice 30 extra stitches?

Sometimes you’re the only person brave enough to say that the emperor has no clothes.

Sometimes, you’re just an eejit.

I will give exactly no prizes for guessing which category I fell into.

Turns out, part three starts with 10 rows of garter, not ten ridges of garter. I had 20 rows where I should have had half that. Every two rows, the pattern increases by six stitches, three on each end. Over 10 rows, the shawl would increase by…

… let’s see …

… 30 stitches.

It’s a Mystery

I’ve signed up for my first ever Mystery Knit Along (MKAL). Mystery knits are not usually my thing and I have happily avoided all the previous popular MKALs, like the ‘Follow Your Arrow’ KAL with ease. In fact, knit alongs generally are not my cup of tea as I like to knit to my own needs, stash, queue and timetable and this rarely meshes well with a knit along. Exceptions include broad stroked KALs like the Dublin Knit Collective sock-along or previous lace-alongs on the Irish Knitters forum. So it might seem like quite a mystery that I’m partaking in this MKAL, but there’s a twist!

The Secret Skein MKAL is being run by three wonderful women from the Irish knit scene: Laura of Ellie&Ada yarns has hand-dyed a secret skein, Gillian of MinaLoves Designs has designed a shawl pattern, and Nadia of the Cottage Notebook has written and recorded a mystery podcast. You can find all the details on Ravelry.

The Secret Skein itself is the most beautiful purple merino silk 4-ply. Even my little fella ‘oooh-ed’ when it arrived in the post. Keeping his fingers out of the way while winding it was a tricky endeavour! It knits like a dream and so far Clue 1 of the shawl has knit up fabulously. I’ve even found the time to knit it! Well, more precisely I’ve been using my tidy-up-time and sleep-time to knit instead. And I’ve been dying to listen to the second episode of the podcast! The first one gave me goosebumps – it’s a good thing I wasn’t listening to it right before bed!

I can’t wait until Friday when the next episode and clue are released!


So, it’s been a while since we blogged here. One of us has an excellent excuse, one of us, not so much. I am, of course, the latter.

I did, however, get a lot of colouring in done…

When I try to think about what has happened since we last posted, there’s no big thing, just life, happening consistently as the months pass. Then one day you realise that you haven’t blogged in over a year, you never did pop over to visit that friend like you vaguely promised you would, and that WIP you put down got tidied away and you can’t quite figure out where you were in the pattern.

But then sometimes you pick up that WIP and fly through til the end, over Christmas you’ll have your annual lunch with one of your besties and feel like you’ve never been apart, and then you find yourself sitting at a keyboard wondering what shall I blog about today.

A few years ago, I blogged about frogging my In Dreams WIP. I don’t know if it was the yarn, the pattern, or just me, but I fell out of love and called a halt.

Haul from Edinburgh Yarn Fest 2016 (wollmeise is the blue hiding at the back)

Then last year I was at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and fell foul of the Wollmeise booth and, oops, found myself in possession of some gorgeous blue lace weight, and suddenly I was dreaming of In Dreams again.

The first section of In Dreams

Suddenly the pattern that dragged me down before was flying along. Except for the part where I broke one of my needle tips, but interchangeables were to the rescue!

In Dreams in its unblocked glory

Now it’s finished and it’s huge and it’s glorious, and I’m so happy I finally got back to it. Maybe there’s hope for this blog after all.

In Dreams Shawl