Now and next

After my spectacular display of pattern-reading skills last week, I’m on the home stretch on my waiting for rain. The garter ridges are behind me now and it’s on to the edging.

One nice thing about this pattern is that it comes as two files. The first is the pattern itself, and the second is a document dedicated to “hacking” the shawl. I love the idea of having instructions and guides for adding stripes or extra short row sections, without cluttering or confusing the main pattern itself.


One of the hacks is a lacy picot edging. Although it means a significant increase in time over the vanilla bind off instruction, I prefer the knitted-on border option. I find that the fit between bind off and the shawl is never quite right, and a small discrepancy in a sightly too tight or slightly too loose bind off can add up to a lot over the course of such a long edge. Of course, each to their own and I can definitely see the appeal of the clean, crisp line that the bind off offers.


Of course, I will eventually finish up this edging, and more importantly I have less than two weeks before I start my new job, so I’m already planning my next knitting adventure. I’m thinking socks will make for some solid train knitting, and I have my eye on Smaug Socks as something with enough to keep me interested but not too much for a commute.

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