A New Chapter, and Old News

One of my last posts before the blog entered hibernation was to announce the new house, new job and impending new baby. Well he arrived safe and sound (over a year ago!) and was promptly wrapped in handknits. It was a tricky enough time, for far longer than I had anticipated. But now I finally feel like I am coming back to myself, albeit a new (and sleep deprived) self. Part of that includes re-engaging with the world and all of you lovely crafters in particular by re-invigorating the blog. In between keeping you up to date on my (scant) new adventures in crafting I’d like to reflect on some of the craft-related news of that dormant time.

Let me start with little C’s first knits. He’s seen here on his first day at home modelling his Puerperium Cardigan, Cable Baby Hat and Undercover Blanket. The house was freezing on a bitterly cold day. He obviously was very snug however – as we couldn’t rouse him at all after several hours. It took a scary hour of every trick in the book – the joys of jaundice! The cardigan and hat were knit using what had been the all-time favourite skein in my stash, Hedgehog Fibres sock in ‘Eel’ colour way. I wish I had more of it. They were a joy to knit, apart from the time pressure of knitting them in the final few weeks of pregnancy. I hadn’t wanted to knit anything specifically for the baby before then, and this skein was never going to be a gift knit! He got fantastic wear out of both the jumper and hat. Despite growing out of *everything* else constantly (he never even fit the ‘newborn’ size clothes) these lasted right til the summer (about 5 months). I was so desperately sad washing them for the last time and putting them away. I’ve knit these patterns before as gifts and will definitely knit them again based on my own experience of their utility.

The blanket I’ve blogged about before – its the undercover blanket by Hedgehog Fibres. I made one for my niece also. This is knit from 300g of hand-dyed gradient merino and silk 4ply. It’s amazing yarn but not the most suited for a baby blanket! I adore it though and the size and snuggle is just perfect for the pram, car seat etc. Even now he wears it tucked in over his legs in the car when it’s cold. Wool and a lace pattern are a fantastic combination for keeping a baby warm but not sweaty or overheated. Just typing this I have the urge to knit another one of these! Ha ha ha as if I’d have the time!


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