Re: Baby Christening Shawl


How does one follow a post like this? Except to blog about the one project I couldn’t blog about for years.

Way back in 2012, when I was planning my wedding, I decided to knit a wedding shawl. I picked out a pattern, but for the yarn I was less sure. I ended up buying two lots of undyed yarn, some silk laceweight and some merino laceweight. In the end, the shine and the lighter colour of the silk won out over the softer, creamier merino and half of the yarn went into my own hopes for the future.

Afterwards, I was left with a reasonably large, shawlish quantity of lovely laceweight wool, and a scheme was hatched. Although Cathy and I never really spoke much about it directly, I suspected that, with luck, within the next few years there would be a tiny baby in the mix. And tiny babies need snuggley blankets.

I had already fallen in love with A Stoir, a shetland style baby blanket (and free!). The shetland construction is so satisfying and lovely, and the humour and whimsy of A Stoir, with it’s ducks and little z’s, suited my idea of a tiny person’s blanket better than a traditional stitch pattern. According to Ravelry, I added the pattern to my library back in October 2013, and I’m certain I cast it on immediately because that’s how I roll.

Of course, I couldn’t blog about it because that’s how surprises work. So I worked away in secret. The blanket itself was actually a breeze to knit. A nice, well written pattern, good yarn, probably some good tv, and a good reason make for good knitting conditions. I finished the centre, picked up the boarder stitches and knit that, and knit on the lace boarder. I’m not sure when I actually finished it (super secret project means no ravelry project page and I didn’t write it down anywhere), but it probably only took a month or so.

And then it went to live in a Ziploc bag.

2015 rolls around, and Cathy shares her exciting news with me.

2016 rolls around, and little Ciarán arrives.

April 2016 arrives and we plan a very short flying visit for me to meet with wee man.

A few days before I fly over for that first visit, it occurs to me that I should probably block the blanket. Because it wouldn’t be a truly heartfelt gift from me if it wasn’t at least partly last minute.

Unfortunately, I never actually took any photos of the blanket myself, but I’m not sure it could look any better than it does right here.

Worth every stitch.

One thought on “Re: Baby Christening Shawl

  1. I *love* that you left the blocking to the last minute :) But mostly I love the shawl, extra special that it’s with your nearly-wedding-shawl yarn :)