This is how my stash looked a few weeks ago. You can easily spot that my favourite colours are blue and purple, with a splash of green and some rainbows. It’s mostly lace and sock yarn with a few odd balls of other weights, none enough for a decent project. Sock yarn I think is the most useful and versatile yarn and even one 100g skein is enough to make lots of different pretty patterns. Now it is in three boxes: lace, sock & other.

There have been a few comings and goings since then, but not many. I decided that I wouldn’t spent as much time admiring new yarns or lusting after patterns I didn’t have the yarn for if I focused on what I *do* have and what I can make with that. So I dug out every skein of yarn, photographed it, entered the details into ravelry and uploaded the picture. So now I can see what I have no matter where I am – including in the yarn store!

The second great advantage is that when I come across I pattern I can check if I have any suitable yarns, then add the pattern to my queue with the yarn options selected. Then when I got to look at any yarn in my stash all the patterns I would consider for it show up on the page. It’s really an excellent way to organise and optimise.

Together these aspects help me to avoid SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). Although, with the amount of laceweight yarn in my stash and my inability to knit anything more complicated than stockinette at the moment I might be SABLE already. I have been trying to take part in Stashdown – where you try to knit as much from stash as possible. For some people it means knitting exclusively from stash, for others knitting from stash if possible. Knitting exclusively from stash doesn’t work for me since my stash is so lace-based. So I knit from stash if I have something appropriate and only buy yarn for a specific project. Like the aran yarn I bought to make a hat for a friend. So far so good but it can be very tricky when I see really pretty yarn!

How do you manage your stash? What sort of stash acquisition policy do you have?

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