A is for acronyms

I love jargon and acronyms. They get a bad rep, and sometimes for good reasons, but they have some  great qualities. You can talk to someone in your “field” using a wonderful verbal short hand, and often they’re laced with humour and in-jokes. They should never be used to exclude someone, but it can be nice to have a verbal secret handshake for when you meet one of your own in the wild. I also find it interesting how quickly we adapt language to suit us.

Some of my favourite knitting acronyms, initialisms and jargon.

WIP: Work in progress. I have far too many of these.

UFO: Unfinished object. Like a WIP but more pessimistic.

WPI: Wraps per inch, a way of measuring the thickness of a yarn. Useful for spinners or knitters who want to go beyond the standard categorisations.

DPN: Double pointed needles, brilliant for socks and gloves.

Tink: Knit backwards, in both senses, unknitting back to a mistake.

Frog: Rip-it, rip-it! Sometimes there’s no saving a project. (Ok, not technically an acronym, but an important piece of knitting jargon.)

SABLE: Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy. This may be a personal goal of mine!

Of course, those are just the fun ones. On a practical level, all of knitting, whether you choose written instructions or charts are written in a secret code of k, p, yo, k2tog, kfb, and more. It can take a while to worm your way into this new world of words, but once you do all possibilities are opened up before you.

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