D is for Dreamz needles

A long time back I bought a packet of 10 sets of 5 inch (13 cm) bamboo DPNs.  I’ve been struggling with the short DPNs for sleeves, crown decreases on adult hats etc. I could take the cramped knitting and dropped stitches no more. Knitting this dotey little hat (Cubba from Wee Wooly Toppers by Wooly Wormhead) on such short DPNs was the final straw for me. It was time to buy longer needles.  I wanted wood or bamboo needles,  as metal can be slippy and heavy for long needles. I also prefer to buy a set so I don’t need buy new needles every time I need to change size to get gauge. It’s also easier to organise them. Unfortunately the equivalent 8 inch (20cm) bamboo sets were no longer available. I love how the spectra needle tips I have (thank you Stew!) are coloured according to size. It’s very easy to remember what size needle I used for a project – I just remember the colour. I decided to get this KnitPro Dreamz 20cm (8inch) set as a prize for submitting the first two chapters of my thesis.

I couldn’t wait for my needles to arrive. But between bank holidays and meetings and classes on campus  they spent a long time in the post office – until G rescued them for me.

The first item I knit was a complete nightmare though! It was another hat from Wee Wooly Toppers which I had been really looking forward to knitting. The first attempt turned out huge! Although the yarn said it was DK it knit more like aran. So I chose an aran-weight pattern and started again. This time it was clear I wouldn’t have enough yarn as the size was still quite large. So I ripped it out again and started a smaller size. The third time I thought I might have enough yarn so I joined in the ends and scraps, but to no avail. It was still about a metre short. Third time frogging and I felt like screaming.  I finally made the preemie size, which turned out fine. The only thing that kept me going through all of this ordeal was the delight of knitting with my new dreamy needles :) They are so very smooth and warm without being slippy. I foresee many years of happy hat knitting with these.


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