F is for (Maker) Faire

I went to Edinburgh’s first Mini Maker Faire today. Maker Faires are DIY based fairs originating from Make Magazine, and this year Edinburgh’s Science Festival hosted their first. There were a lot of really cool stalls, with tesla coils and 3D printers, and lots of hands on things for kids to play with. There was even an entire craft section which naturally stole my attention. The Botanica Mathematica group had a stand there where they were teaching people to crochet hyperbolic planes, and get people interested about their project.

When I met the organisers a few weeks ago and heard what they were up to, I offered to rummage through my tool and yarn stash and give them anything I didn’t want any more. I knew I had some old straight needles and fixed circulars that I haven’t used in the past two years, and I figured I would be able to pick out a few odd ends of yarn to get rid of at the same time. In the end, I picked out a rather large carrier bag crammed full of yarn to hand over. It was great to see it being picked up and gaining new life in other people’s hands, but I have to admit, it was almost as good to see those empty shelves in my cupboard. I still have plenty of lovely yarn for me, and now it’s not hidden by yarn that I’m never going to use.

Aside from crocheting hyperbolically until my hands insisted I stop, I attended a sewing workshop run by a shop called Materialise. I’ve just bought a small sewing machine, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to get some professional instruction to get me started. We made envelope cushion covers, which are reasonably straight forward, but it was nice to have someone keeping an eye on me and pointing out what I needed to do next.

Perhaps I should have strayed a little further outside my comfort zone for my first maker faire, but I’m glad I got to do the little bits I did get to. Next time I might sign up for something more exotic, like soldering or jewellery making. For now, I’ve had two late nights and a few long days, so it’s time for me to get some sleep on my beautiful new cushion!

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