H is for Handspun

Handspun yarn is yarn. Spun. By hand.

This is clearly going to be an enlightening post.

There’s something special about knitting with handspun, particularly knitting with your own handspun. You start with fluff, perhaps even fluff you dyed yourself, and suddenly out of nowhere the fluff has become a hat, or gloves, or a shawl.

Some of my handspun has become exactly those things. My first pair of fingerless gloves was made from some Corriedale, and my first attempt at navajo plying on a spindle gave me a very snuggly warm hat. As with all other aspects of my fibre life, though, I have more handspun in my stash than I’ve had time to knit. Two summers ago I started to spin some lovely red shetland to make a jumper. I’m about 11 skeins in, but I’m not even half way through.

One of the nice things about spinning your own yarn is getting to choose what kind of yarn to make. Usually I tend towards laceweight, but I also love making big, soft sproingy yarns.

Of course, another luxury is handspun that someone else has put love and care into. I was lucky enough to meet The Wooly Impi at the maker faire on Sunday and picked up some lovely navajo plied blue yarn. Om nom nom!

One thought on “H is for Handspun

  1. Ooh that yarn is lovely! I haven’t tried knitting with n-ply yet, let me know how you get on! This reminds me to spin more -and knit with the result!