K is for Knitting Linkspam

We’re almost half way through the alphabet, and we’ve finally landed on that awkward letter, K. I could justifiably write about almost anything here, and get away with it by prefixing it with “knitted” or “knitting”. It’s a bit of a wild card day in that way, slightly too blank a canvas.

So lets go wild!

Here are some random knitting things I like on the internet.

Knitty: A decade old knitting magazine. Lots of well known designers got their start on knitty, and they have cool articles on all sorts of knitting (and spinning) related topics.

Craftsy: Online courses in lots of crafts, including knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, sewing, papercraft and lots more. I’ve done a few free short courses and the format is really good. I’m still deciding which paid course to start with.

Arenda Halloday on Youtube: Lots of videos that are really helpful for The Knitting Guild Association correspondance courses, or just for improving your knitting.

Cheryl Brunette on Youtube: Lots of videos specifically about sweater knitting.

Ravelry: It will spoil you for other websites forever.

Knitters Review: Want to know about that yarn you just heard about? Or those needles or books? She probably has a review on it. I love how she not just knits and blocks her swatches, but puts them through wear and tear to see how they stand up.

Yarn Harlot: I read one of her books before I came across her blog. When the yarn harlot blogs something, it’s sure to go viral, and she’s as good a writer as she is a knitter.

Worsted for Wear: A web comic about a group of knitters (including a few male knitters!)

Knit Princess: Another great web comic, mostly focussed on a single knitter.

The Panopticon: Franklin Habit. Hilarious, inventive, awesome. He has a regular historical knitting column in knitty. Did I mention he’s hilarious?

Any other notable knittable distractions to add?

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