O is for Organisation

Since moving in to this apartment over two years ago, the yarn has primarily resided in a shallow cupboard in our bedroom, affectionately known as the yarndrobe. After a recent destash of old yarn to a good cause, I decided to shake it up a bit. I suddenly found myself with a yarndrobe with bare shelves and a chest of drawers overflowing with clothes. Now I have a chest of drawers mostly chock full of yarn, and clothes on shelves, next to the yarn that wouldn’t fit.

Clearing out all that yarn feels like a weight off me. I can now see and love the yarn I have, rather than wrestling with yarn I don’t want.

The yarn is roughly sub-organised into weight, and stored in zip lock bags to keep nasties away from it. I have a couple of bags of ends of sock yarn or lace, maybe not enough for a project on its own, but useful for snags and worn patch repairs.

My needles, on the other hand, live in the front room. My interchangeables live happily in a hand made needle case made by a dear friend, and the square needles live in their original packaging. An old mint tin holds stitch markers, cable tighteners and darning needles, as well as a few sewing and repair bits and bobs that are lying around. My books are arranged by subject, like general knitting reference, lace, cables, spinning. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s easier to find things.

The toughest thing for me to keep organised is my WIPs. We’ve already established that I’m non-monogamous when it comes to my crafty projects, so there’s usually a few things sitting around on the needles. If I’m not careful it can descend into a tangle which is annoying for worsted by a disaster for lace.

To keep things under control, I keep things I’m not actively working on in a box near my knitting corner, out of the way, but close to hand. The most used WIPs (WIPIPs?) live in a small box beside the sofa. I could be even neater, and I could try to have less things out and about, but why deny myself the joy of seeing the textures and colours.

How do you keep the crafts under control?

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