Q is for Quitting

I’m a quitter.

I mean, I finish plenty of stuff, but I have no problem consigning something to the frog pond if I decide I don’t love it, even if I’ve invested a significant amount of time to it. Looking back over my projects, I have far more regrets for projects I’ve finished despite misgivings than the projects I ripped back.

So what are some of my good reasons to frog?

1. It’s the wrong size

This jumper would have been perfect for me, when I started it. Unfortunately I dawdled and eventually had to conclude that I was no longer the Stew that would fit into the size I was knitting. So I frogged, despite having the back and half of the front done. I still love the pattern, but it’s for another day now. Instead, the yarn (after a few different attempts) became this vest, which I love dearly. It lives at my desk in work for those nippy days.

2. Too many mistakes

This was probably one of my earliest attempts at lace, a lovely simple triangle with a knitted on boarder from Victorian Lace Today. Nowadays, I’d be able to knock out the centre no problem. Back then, I was counting and losing my place, and when I made a mistake, my knitting was still a foreign language to me. After the lines of yarn overs went askew one too many times, I decided to call time on that project. Again, that yarn went on to live a very happy life as another project.

3. The ugh factor

Sometimes it’s not a project-yarn mismatch, or a size issue. It might not even be an accumulation of mistakes that pushes you past the point of no return. The pattern may be lovely, the yarn may be ideal on paper, but at some point you just fall out of love. Such was the fate of my In Dreams shawl.

Yup, that was just after I took the needles out.

I was several clues into the mystery knit-a-long. All was going fine, technically, but something was missing. It felt like a chore, and an endless one at that.

So I quit.

I’ll never get those hours of knitting back, and I may never get back to that pattern, but looking at that half finished WIP doesn’t bother me. Knitting is a luxury. It’s a hobby and stress relief. I might as well spend that time on projects that I love.


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