W is for Weddings

We’ve already heard about my flowers, and the shawls you made, and we heard more than enough about the shawl I knit, but I have left out one very special knitted wedding thing.

Unsurprisingly enough, my mum is also a knitter. She made us lots of clothes when we were younger, including an awesome dinosaur skeleton colourwork jumper many, many moons ago. She even made me an aran jumper when I was going to Canada in winter a couple of years ago, which kept me extra cosy. It’s fun to have people in the family to talk yarny things with, and she’s helped me out a few times. Although she got so fed up with me not weaving in the ends of a blanket I crocheted, she did it all for me.

Mums are great!

On our wedding day, after the ceremony the guests headed to the dinner while a few of us headed to the castle to take advantage of the views and the weather. When we arrived at the table afterwards, we were greeted by these two.

In the week before the wedding, mum decided to grab the needles and yarn, and whip up a couple of wedding meerkats. The groom-kat is even wearing a kilt! The glow sticks were added over the course of the meal because … well, because glowsticks!

The pattern for the meerkats and their outfits was from Knitted Meerkats by Sue Stratford. Mum made a couple of alterations to match our wedding, and used thicker yarn to make them biggger.

So that’s the final knitted piece of our wedding. We had a lovely day, made all the more special by the little touches that people put together for us.

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