Y is for Yardage

I have a pervasive fear of running out of yarn on projects, all the time. At some point I’ll be midway through a project and I’ll hold up the remaining ball of yarn and say “I’m not sure I have enough here” while himself rolls his eyes at me.

It’s not a big deal for something small, a weekend hat project, but imaging putting weeks of work into a jumper, or a shawl, only to discover that you can’t finish it because you just used up the last. And the yarn will have been the last ever of its kind, so there will be no replacing it. And then the knitting police will confiscate you needles because of your lack of knitters foresight and you’ll never knit again.

Ok, perhaps my problem is more that I assign mysterious dire consequences to small obstacles, but the running out of yarn fear is a thing too.

Generally this means that I overbuy yarn for projects. If my size says I’ll need 7 balls, best get nine then. Or if I’m buying without a project in mind, I’m drawn to big yardages like a moth to a … lets not go there, shall we? I love getting my hands on solid or semisolid laceweight with over a kilometer to a ball. Or a cone of fingering that’s 1000 yards long. Yum!

The up side of this wee neurosis is that there’s almost always yarn left over. My cardigan has a matching hat and gloves. Knit a shawl, and have enough left over for a shawlette. Drop your glove at Dublin Airport while emigrating, knit yourself a new one.

Sometimes, though, I’ll just race the yarn. I’ll be watching that ball on the sofa beside me shrink into nothing, and think that if I just knit a bit faster, maybe I can get there first. It makes no sense, but I just can’t help trying to beat the yardage at its own game.

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