U is for Ultimate Dreams

It seems the original ‘U’ post got lost and didn’t publish in sequence so I bring you my ultimate knitting and crocheting goals.

We all have dreams of that pattern we will knit one day, a large project we will take on and complete or a technique we will master. A dream for the future that keeps us progressing in our craft, an ultimate goal. I have several, each representing different aspects of the crafts I follow.

For lace knitting I dream of one day knitting the Evenstar shawl, as Stew did. This will be a massive undertaking of intricate knitting. I’m already thinking of what yarn I will use, I’m leaning towards Hedgehog Fibres silk-merino lace in ‘Crystal’, so perhaps this project isn’t too far away. I’d also like to knit some proper two-sided lace like Percy, though maybe not that pattern as so many talented lace knitters have struggled with it.

I’d also like to knit (or crochet) a blanket. This would require a lot of stamina I think, as well as fighting startitis for a long time. I’ve been making squares from leftover blue, purple and green sockyarn and 4ply. That way it breaks up the big project into lots of little ones. This is definitely a long term project and I would still like to make an all-in-one-piece blanket too, as a challenge.

In particular I’d like to one day knit a beautiful colourwork blanket such as Kate Davies’ Rams and Yowes or like this gorgeous child’s blanket or this one with snowflakes. As we saw in my post on Stranded Knitting I have only barely touched my toe into the colourwork pond. I have a long long way to go before I can contemplate anything as amazing as those I mentioned. My intermediary goal is to knit Kate Davies’ Snawheid.

My ultimate crochet dream is to crochet a lace dress and an umbrella. My spinning dream is to spin a proper amount and then actually make it into something, like a jumper or lace shawl. I also dream of designing lace shawls.

What are your ultimate crafting dreams/goals?


One thought on “U is for Ultimate Dreams

  1. I love Rams and Ewes! It’s on my someday list too. As is the Spiderqueen shawl.

    Percy is lovely. I made the smallest version for a friend, although the second section was tough. I’d love to give it another shot now I have a little more experience under my belt.