Z is for Zimmerman

How better to end our Alphablogging April than with a guest post by fellow raveller Stripycat? Here is her post on the ineffable Zimmerman:

Z is for Zimmerman, specifically Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ), an opinionated knitter who passed on a wealth of knitting knowledge through her numerous publications and championed knitting in the round  as a sensible means of avoiding all that pesky sewing involved in making jumpers.

I have embraced the circular needle whole-heartedly. Not only is it useful for seamless projects, it has the added advantage of ensuring the pointy things you are working with aren’t that long. Now that my fellow bus passengers are no longer in danger of being skewered, I have taken to knitting everywhere – on the bus, on aeroplanes, walking down the street and in cafes. I even tried knitting in the cinema, but mistakes are not easy to spot when sitting in the dark….

The humble garter stich is another of Zimmerman’s pet topics. I first came across Zimmerman through her collection of garter-stich designs in Knit One Knit All at a time when I was beginning to think that more advanced knitters should do more advanced knitting (which is utter codswallop). These simple but effective designs persuaded me otherwise. Last year I finished a veritable garter marathon in the form of one Color Affection.

Writing this has made me realise that I need to find another simple/social pattern. I’ve been knitting a square baby blanket (in the round) with an easy lace pattern. However, due to my inability to concentrate on two things at once, my weekly stich-and-bitch knitting has been reduced to spending the second hour tinking whatever I did in the first. Oh look EZ has of course provided the ideal raglan sweater solution!


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