Warts and all

Well, we made it to the end of April, with a huge thanks to Stripycat for finishing us off with a Z for Zimmerman!

I had planned on taking this Wednesday off and getting back to our usual schedule next week, but as I was playing around with the timer settings of the camera, I couldn’t resist trying a few things.

At the end of March I reviewed the new Knit to Flatter book, but I didn’t get around to doing any of the exercises at the start to determine my shape. I decided to take a few pictures today and share my shape with you all, even the not so flattering bits.

I took a front facing photo to determine if I’m a top heavy, bottom heavy or proportional figure. I didn’t expect to be surprised by what this photo would reveal, but I drew out the shoulder, hip, waist and bust lines just to see how it all worked out.

You’ll have to forgive the rather gormless expression! I was aiming for neutral, but ended up with zombie.

I don’t think I need to offer a prize for guessing which kind of shape I am. I’ve always been a bottom heavy girl, whether a size 10 or a size 18. My hips and thighs are wide, my bust is small and my shoulders are on the narrow end. (If you look closely you can also almost see that my left shoulder is slightly higher than my right shoulder. Thanks, physiotherapist for pointing that one out to me.)

Another thing I have to bear in mind is that I am rather short of body. Height wise, I’m Miss Average, clocking in somewhere around 5’5″, but you can see that all my upper body key points are all bunched together above my elbows. This usually only creates problems for dresses, and I’ve started getting the straps of my dresses shortened so that they sit well on me. Hopefully that’s something I can learn to do for myself on my sewing machine, but I’m lucky enough to live in an area peppered with tailors, so adjustments aren’t too inconvenient.

Luckily, one thing I can do to help balance out my figure is add details to my upper half. Wide necklines or scarves, for example. Now if only I had some kind of collection of such things somewhere….



2 thoughts on “Warts and all

  1. I’m pear shape too, wider hips with narrower shoulders and bust. I find empire line clothes very flattering on me, it helps define the narrowest part of me and adds detail to the top half of me, like you said.

  2. I love the Zombie look! And the colour affection shawl – it turned out gorgeous!