And we’re off!

It’s slightly shameful to admit, but on Saturday when I set myself up for this years Tour de Fleece, and literally had to dust off my wheel, I realised that I haven’t actually spun since this time last year.

It’s somewhat understandable, when I look over the past year. Tour de Fleece ran directly into the Ravellenic Games. From that point on my fibre focus was on my great big shawl of epicness, or more precisely casting on projects so as to procrastinate on said shawl. Then nanowrimo, wedding, alphablogging, travel, and suddenly I’m sitting by my dusty wheel and wondering if I still remember how.

While I have a spinning challenge in mind, I decided to start by spinning some mystery wool to get back into the rhythm of it. I have the label for the mystery wool, but it’s in a bag with several other mystery wools, so I have five labels for five braids of fibre and it’s a best guess as to which is which. I think it’s polworth, but it could be corridale or something else.

This braid has some lovely long stretches of blues, purples and pinks, so I’m planning on chain or Navajo plying it. This method basically means taking a single strand of spun fiber and creating a giant crochet chain as you ply. This turns the single into a three ply, but lets you keep solid chunks of colour, rather than blending plies of different colours.

I’m a little slow to start, but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have my first skein of the tour.

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