Back Again

The wonderful Stew has been doing the Lion’s Share of the posting here recently because she’s an awesome supportive friend and because I’ve been too busy studying to craft much or even contemplate blogging. I had very little time, concentration or energy spare to knit, crochet or spin. This meant I missed out on the Tour de Fleece this year, as Stew mentioned this is where spinners all over the world try and spin every day the cyclists of the Tour de France spin their wheels. It also meant that the types of projects I could contemplate were very limited. Quick easy knits only.

Baby knits were the first option. In the past few months I’ve knit two dresses, three cardigans, two hats and two pairs of booties/socks. Yet none of these items are quite finished as weaving in ends or facing my nemesis (buttons!) were beyond me. I hope to get these finished up in the next few weeks, before the intended recipients get too big!

If even baby-knits were too tricky or too big a commitment then I turned to garter stitch squares. About the simplest thing it’s possible to knit. I’ve been using up my blue, purple and green sock yarn ends, along with some very generous donations. One day it will be a blanket but at the moment I’m just happy to have something easy to knit. I’m running out of ends and I’ve started eyeing up some full skeins in my stash so hopefully my knitting mojo returns soon before I get desperate.

Speaking of little squares I received some very special little squares as a present last Friday which I will blog about in the weeks to come.

What about you? What’s your favourite mindless easy crafting for when life is too busy or stressful?

P.S. The Irish Blog Awards are coming up soon so be sure to nominate your favourite Irish Blogs in each category (I don’t think we qualify since Stew is non-resident).

2 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. I’ve been pretty crazy with college stuff too, but I’ve been working on a shawl that had a garter stitch body and then you knit on a lacy cabled boarder. The garter was great as I only had to remember to increase at the end and beginning of each row. And it’s portable too ;-)

    What dress patterns did you use in the end? I spotted this one recently ( and thought of you!

    • Thanks Jenny! I must give the can-can shawl a go. It’s been on my list but didn’t realise it would make good study knitting.
      The dress is really sweet too! I made the ‘Little Sister’s Dress’ and a variation on ‘baby tunic’.