A Cardigan Dilemma

This week I’d like some help from readers! I’ve been hemming and hawing for months now over which garment I should knit once I regain sufficient concentration. I like to knit at least one garment a year for me. As part of the Stashdown group I won a pattern of my choice, courtesy of the lovely watermemory on ravelry. So now it’s time to choose and my indecisive post-thesis brain needs your help!

I’ve decided on the yarn at least, some lovely Drops Alpaca that I bought (as a birthday present from my parents) last year in the Yarn Cake in Glasgow while visiting Stew. It’s quite thin, about sock weight, but has a halo and knits like sport weight. It’s in a lovely dark aubergine purple.

I’ve been through the various options and decided on cardigan. Patterns with lots of lace and cables were ruled out as they don’t show up much in the alpaca. I then whittled down my favourites to the following three contenders:

1) Audrey Cardigan from the Twist Collective

This cardigan has been knit successfully with the same yarn. I think it’s both pretty and practical but I do have quite a few round-neck light cardigans already. A v-neck might be more practical in terms of my wardrobe. On the plus side it buttons up.

2) New Wave Cardigan from Lyrical Knits

I’ve always wanted to try one of Mary Annarella’s designs as they have such wonderful shaping and construction. I would probably do a garter stitch border instead of the ruffles though, like this example by BunnyB:

3) Featherweight Cardigan from Knitbot Essentials

Again this cardigan has been knit successfully with the Drops Alpaca. I’ve looked at knitting this cardigan several times before but I’ve always been put off by the wide boxy front panels and the short body. I’ve seen more tailored versions but I’m not sure I want to work it all out myself.

Have you knit any of these? Which do you think would best suit the yarn (and me)? Which should I knit?!?



11 thoughts on “A Cardigan Dilemma

  1. New Wave stood out to me. I can totally imagine you wearing that and getting a lot of use out of it.

    On the other hand, Audrey is very lovely. I don’t think you’ll regret any of these options. :)

  2. I would have said Audrey too, but since you have so many round necked cardigans, go with the new wave. I think it would really suit you and it would also give you the opportunity to play with shape alterations (I’m assuming here you already have a copy of knit to flatter (http://goo.gl/a2eciH) , but if not, I’ll be around mid-aug and can lend you a copy).

    • I don’t have a copy of Knit-to-Flatter but I think the designer includes a lot of shaping options in the pattern. I am tempted to try something different to my usual cardigan. But then I find the Audrey-type cardigans a great staple in my wardrobe.

    • I’m thinking of the making-waves cardigan as something a bit different for me. Audrey is very close to my usual cardigan :)

  3. I say go with Audrey! I love this cardigan and wear this style a lot myself! Its a lovely shape, I’m a big fan of the ribbing at the waist and I love the little detail on the top! I think with its buttons and shape it would get lots of use :) I’m sure which ever pattern you go with will turn out fab!

  4. I’d go for one of the first two. I like the lace/ pattern on the first and the simplicity of the second. Sorry, not much help! Looking forward to see what you decide.

  5. A tough choice; I’m stuck between the first two in all honesty as they’re close to what I’d pick myself! I’m with you on the garter border on the second one- it fits the overall look of the cardigan better than the ruffle.