Giantest Shawl Ever

Before I got distracted by my little minifig hat, I did manage to crochet cast off my giant shawl. It was not exactly fun, but I got there in the end. And the end result is … big.

When it was on the needles, it was hard to tell just how big, but it turns out making increasingly open lacework, with increasingly large needles leads to quite a lot of material, when all is said and done. I had to take over the living room to block it, and I have never been so grateful for my blocking wires.

Worn just over my shoulders, the back hits me mid thigh, which means it’s actually longer than my hair, which is not a mean feat. And it’s oh so light but warm! It feels like it’s barely there, but takes the chill off the winter evenings.

Even wrapped up it’s still fairly substantial.

The weather here isn’t quite cold enough yet to get proper use out of it, but I’ll be packing it into my suitcase for Christmas.

I also, somewhere along the line, finished a Dew Drops Shawl. Because apparently I cannot have enough.

Right, back to knitting, I have another shawl to work on!

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