Frantically Knitting

In the last 3 months since starting my new job I’ve gotten one sock knit as far as the heel. Plus most of my Knitmas project. Unfortunately that’s most but not all of my knitmas project. I went a bit mad and decided to try new things, in the hopes that my pal would appreciate the thought at least. But I’m really not sure I like how it’s turning out. I have so much more to do, not enough time to start something new and it all needs to be washed and dried and in the post by Monday. While my class have two exams this week – which means a LOT of corrections! Only two more hectic weeks of term left and hopefully then I’ll have some more crafting adventures to blog about. Also hopefully I’ll have some fun knitmas pictures to share. I would cross my fingers but I need every little second spare to knit and it’s pretty tricky to do with your fingers crossed! I’ve put so much thought into my package but I’m not able to realise all my plans.

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