I miss knitting

My lack of blogging for the past month (eep, sorry folks!) is strongly correlated with my lack of knitting in recent months. It’s a less than awesome state of affairs, which I am currently attempting to remedy.

The main reason for my lack of knitting is that I’m so busy with work I’ve hardly had time to stand still over the past few months. I quite like this reason, even with the yarn desert it has created. I love my job and I really enjoy working with the people in my group and department. When you’re working at a job where leaving at 5 feels like leaving early, then it helps to have excellent company doing it.

The less fun reason was that I ended up in a knitting rut. For a few weeks I found myself stuck on obligation projects. In particular, I was attempting to knit a scarf for my knitmas gift. It took me about a week to admit that a) the project wasn’t working and b) it was making me not want to spend time knitting. In the end I did a last minute switch to fingerless gloves and was able to send out my gift only a little later than planned.

In return, I got a lovely package from my knitmas elf, who’s identity remains a mystery.

First, there was a super soft, snug hat. (Apologies for potato photos. It’s hard to get good lighting this time of year!)

Then there was a whole pile of lovely noro for me to knit with! And a lace shawl pattern too!

Finally there was a small selection of very thoughtful gifts, including mint crisp, some wool wash and a few bits of stationary for my bullet journal!

Thank you elf!

As for my knitting, I’m making more time now for projects I love, so hopefully the new year will come with a flurry of FOs, along with some old FOs that are long in need of blocking.

One thought on “I miss knitting

  1. Aw I miss my knitting too! And I’ve missed a blog or two for the same reasons – oops! I think it’s the first time we’ve both been so overwhelmed at the same time. Not too shabby for a blog going a few years now :)

    Hope you get more knitting time soon and that you enjoy it!