Goodbye 2014!

I started 2014 unemployed and a bit lost, but getting lots of knitting done. I’m ending 2014 happily employed in a job I love, but with a lot less knitting done. With all the change and busy, busy, busy, it’s been tricky to look back at the last 12 months as a unit, but there have been some highlights.

In February we had the Ravellenic Games that almost weren’t. We did a lot of knitting and watched a lot of figure skating, and somehow I ended up with a finished jumper before the closing ceremonies. The rest of the Spring was spent enjoying my free time before I started the new job. The Summer was spent trying to find my feet, and perfecting my knitting-on-the-train techniques. September and October brought new students, a conference and the discovery of another knitter in the department because she was wearing an Owls jumper. And then the days got dark and Christmas came, and now suddenly we’re back at the start of another year.

I don’t feel like I achieved much in 2014, knitting wise, but I plan on changing that. So here are my knitting resolutions!

  • Block all the things! I have shawls and other bits and bobs that have been waiting for months for that last bit of care and attention, so my almost-FO basket needs some attention.
  • Make more time for knitting, either by taking a few minutes over lunch, or settling down with Netflix in the evenings.
  • Do all the other things too. Spinning? Sewing? Brading? Doodling? Chain maille? Time to make time for them all in 2015!
  • Sort my stash. Again.
  • Have fun!
It’s not much of a list, but right now that’s ok. I want to enjoy knitting in 2015, so that’s what I’m going to do.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014!

  1. I think ‘Enjoy Knitting’ is a great motto for 2015 – I think I might join you in that :)