Each year I try to knit one garment (cardigan or jumper) for me with yarn from my birthday, usually a present from my parents. Last year it was the purple Fez cardigan, the year before ‘Amused’ in blue thistle. This year it is Ardara by Carol Feller which I’m knitting in a lovely purple-heathered blue aran Irish wool. It’s from the book Contemporary Irish Knits – a veritable delight in modern Irish designs for Irish wool. I have a signed copy of it and can’t wait to knit more patterns from it.

I had to start with a large size for the hips of doom and then decrease down extra to an appropriate size for the waist and top. Hopefully it will work out ok! I decided to learn how to cable without a needle for this project, following the Grumperina method. At first it was much slower – that purple cardigan had given me great practice at cabling. Over the many many rows though I’ve warmed up to a reasonable speed. Especially as there’s no longer a cable needle to drop and chase after! I can’t wait to finish this cardigan. I usually start my annual cardigan at the start of October and finish it sometime in January. -The colder weather boosts my motivation to finish which negates the rising tedium of still knitting the same thing. I knit up the armholes quite quickly. Then the two separate fronts, with neck shaping, sleeve increases and shoulder shaping really slowed me down. I have the same piece on the back, the collar, the buttonbands and the sleeve edgings yet to go.

I had hoped to finish it early – partly because I want to wear it and partly because I was considering NaKniSweMo. That is: National Knit a Sweater Month, to complement NanoWrimo, national novel writing month where people commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. Instead knitters commit to a sweater of at least 50,000 stitches. I realised it would be mad to consider this, especially with a thesis due in two months. Between Ardara, baby jumpers and other gift knitting I just won’t have time – regardless of study! Particularly since himself has requested  a pair of Milo socks for Christmas which adds charted cabled socks to that list. I had better get the socks of doom off the needles quickly – thankfully I am at the heel of the second sock now.

Hopefully by my next post I will have a complete Ardara and a pair of socks. Or at least some more of my thesis written!

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