Recent Knit Events

I recently attended Pints and Purls  an evening of knitting, chatting and drinking at the Irish Craft Beer Festival. It was hosted by Mountain Man brewing company, Sue in particular. There was lots of fun, chats, seeing people, and I even got some knitting done for a change! Greg got to meet my knit friends and the other Other Halves. We had a table with chairs to ourselves and a really cool tablecloth! There was lots of interest from the attendees in what we were doing – possibly because of the location, en route to the men’s bathroom. I was a great event and much needed night off. Check out the pictures on the  DKC blog.

I also attended the Yarn Dating at This is Knit, the local yarn store. It was a last minute decision when a place came free on the day of the event! It had been booked out since before I even saw an advertisement for it. I needed to get my mind off things and so it was perfectly timed. It was great to meet all the new yarns coming in for autumn/winter. I love the new format – for each yarn we got to feel a swatch, see the colourways, knit a bit on a ready-made swatch, and check out the pattern books. It was much more focussed, we really got the chance to ‘date’ or ‘taste’ each yarn. Unfortunately there was a LOT of alpaca-blends and itchy wool though – my poor sensitive skin won’t enjoy this winters yarns it seems. But there were one or two lovely baby yarns which will suit my current knitting.

Speaking of which, I’ve not made much progress on the baby knitting front. Or indeed any knitting front since the Pints and Purls evening. I’ve two cardigans of the 10 completed, well except for the buttons of course. I had planned to post them this week but my buttons have been packed away with most of my yarn and needles for moving. Which will hopefully happen one of these days! I’m through the body of the third cardigan but don’t have the concentration for the cast off, or fiddly things like sleeves and button bands. Similar progress on the baby vest.

AND I’d better get them both finished so I can join the knit a long for Stew’s Happy Out Mitts. If you somehow missed that news just check out the last two posts! Don’t forget to leave a comment there to be in with a chance to win the pattern!

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