Coming home to KAL

Life has been keeping me extra busy recently. Just after uploading the Happy Out Mitts pattern on Ravelry, I hopped onto a plane or two, and headed off to Spain for a conference.

20150911_081510It must be strange for the other people in the hotel, looking forward to a relaxing sun holiday only to find 200 oddly dressed nerdy folk suddenly descending. Fortunately for them, we are in the habit of hiding inside dark halls looking at powerpoint slides for most of the day, so we weren’t too much of a bother. I flew home on the Friday, went to sleep and woke up on Saturday bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle the first day of our Happy Out KAL.

That’s a lie. I woke up with a conference cold, itchy from my 40-ish mosquito bites and sore from falling on wet tiles in front of important professors in my field. And ready to tackle the first day of our Happy Out KAL. Fortunately a KAL includes much sitting down and kept my hands too busy to scratch. 20150912_083837

After an early morning stash dive, I decided on my KAL yarn and a plan. I’m going to knit two pairs of mitts, one from the Zauberball on the left and one from the Knitsch Yarns on the right. That’s the first part of my plan.

For the second part, I’m going to go off script a bit. Since the mitts only take up half a ball of sock yarn, there’s the question of what to do with the other half. One option is to knit a second pair of mitts, but I’m going to try to design a matching hat to use up the remaining yarn. The Zauberball will be my first prototype, and the Knitsch will give me a chance to test the pattern myself before inflicting it on other knitters!

I should have plenty of time since the KAL runs until December 1st. Feel free to join us on Ravelry where we are graciously hosted by the lovely Blasta podcast.


2 thoughts on “Coming home to KAL

  1. Live the yarn that you’re using there!! I’ll be joining you for the KAL at some stage between now and end of next month…you’re right there is always room for an extra pair of mitts :)