Stealing a few moments to knit (and post)

I hope you’ll excuse what will be a very brief post. Things are very busy here Chez Cathy, all in the best possible way. In fact even Chez Cathy has changed location in the last week!  I had forgotten just how much needs to be done in the first week of term, and how on earth to fit it all in! My mission until Christmas is to try and knit at least once a week – something I’ve not managed in previous semesters. I did get a few rounds of knitting in for the Happy Out KAL, getting up to the thumb gusset on the first mitt. So far so good :) If I could find a scrap of yarn then I could separate off the thumb and keep going. That will be a hunt for tomorrow evening!

I’ve also just got the fiddly bits left to do on my baby vest test knit. It’s such a lovely knit so far, and the FOs look so lovely that I think this will be knit again and again. First I’d better take some time out on Saturday to finish off the vest for the test knit. A deadline is a great excuse to ignore the housework right? Especially when G will be out for the day. I might even have some cake :)

Then I just need to find and (shudder) sew buttons onto the baby knits I’ve finished before the babies grow out of them! I’m still a long way behind on my baby knits but I’m feeling more motivated to knit for babies lately :) Just as well since there will be more baby knits on the horizon for some time to come. I just need to find a few new patterns – any suggestions?

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