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I’m a graduate student desperately trying to write up my thesis in mathematics. I picked up crochet again whilst visiting Stew, she seemed to enjoy it so much. I jumped back into knitting a year later when I got fed up trying to crochet socks so I knit them instead. Stew is the ultimate enabler – teaching me to spin and always inspiring me to try new techniques! I love anything to do with ladybirds and being on/in/near the sea.


I’m a theoretical physicist by trade. I started learning crochet on a whim in August 2008, and picked up knitting again in November 2008. I’ve since picked up drop spindling, then wheel spinning, and luceting. Knitting is my main focus though, with the predictable emphasis on lace shawls and socks. Cathy tries to reign in my short attention span and encourages me to finish my projects, with varying  degrees of success!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Greetings from the Jersey Shore :) I am in LOVE with your purple/plum item on the right in the picture of your website. I’m hoping you would share the name of the pattern and yarn with me. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous work!

    Barbara Reynolds :)

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