Knits for Others

I recently had a craving for some really luxurious merino/silk yarn. I think it was a response to all the baby knitting I’ve been doing lately. I swapped away a lot of my pretty laces and fancy yarns on the Stashdown group over the summer in exchange for baby-suitable yarns.

Or maybe it was just a call to make something for me. It made me go back and check and since last June I have made two things for me. One was a hat that I simply needed as none of my hats fit my huge head right. The other was a garter stitch shawl because I needed some really easy knitting. Everything else (lots of baby knits, several pairs of socks and some shawls) have been for other people. And while it shows no sign of stopping ( i’ve 7 left on my baby queue plus two other gifts) I’m quite happy with that.

I enjoy knitting for other people, especially if I know (or think) that it’ll mean something to them, even if they’re not keen on the item itself. I’ve learned there are some people who should only be knit for under carefully specified circumstances. Where possible I like to let the recipient pick the pattern and the yarn, though sometimes my own intuition has been more successful! Of course I’m lucky that my own Greg will happily accept any and all socks, though he does have his favourites :)

So with 3 baby knits almost ready to go in the post – just needing buttons *shudder* – I think it’s time to take a break and knit something for me. I’ll knit with beautiful luxury yarn (Fibrespates 4ply in Midnight) thanks to a lovely package from the wonderful R. I still can’t get over the generosity and I’m so grateful. I can’t decide between the ‘Precious’ cowl, which seems so appropriate, or another Elanor cowlette sample. 

Just as soon as I finish test-knitting a baby vest for Yvonne of the Dublin Dye Company…