I is for Ishbel

As you can tell by now I adore knitting and crocheting triangular shawls and I love this pattern. I made two for Stew’s wedding in quick succession and now I’m making another :) I offered to make my mum a shawl as a thank you present and eventually found the right shade of purple to match her coats. Of course as soon as I had ordered the yarn I found the *perfect* yarn for her in my LYS. Of course I bought it and made a Holden shawl to keep me busy until the other yarn arrived. I thought I would show her the two and let her choose. However the other yarn arrived and was magenta instead of a violet purple! I thought best to have the choice made before knitting the second shawl and mum decided she wanted both! So Ishbel was cast on (again).

One of my favourite things about this shawl is the shape. I often find triangular shawls sit a little strangely on the shoulders. This pattern has more of a curve around the ‘top’ edge which makes it sit perfectly around the neck as a scarf. It also stays on the shoulders if worn as a shawl too. This is achieved by performing yarnovers between the garter edge and the body on both the right-side and wrong-side of the work. This means increases at the edge on both knit rows and purl rows, but centre increases only on knit rows as usual. Thankfully the triangular shawl maths I blogged about earlier still works perfectly as the increases are uniform row on row. The resulting shawl is a little wider with a slight curve, depending on how it’s blocked. I love this shape and technique so much that I plan to adapt some of my other favourite triangular shawls to incorporate it. I might even design a new one as I’m running out of patterns with a plain a stockinette body, all that I’m able for at the moment. All suggestions of suitable mind-numbing knits for one skein of sock yarn or laceweight will be most welcome! I leave you with a beautiful photograph of my first Ishbel.


Photo courtesy of Evin: http://evinok.net